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Holiday Specials
New Coupon Deal for May 31, 2012
We"re Expanding!
Happy Holidays And Happy Nails & Toes!
Living Social Campaign Ad #2


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Holiday Specials

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
Watch fornail and pedi specials coming up during the next 25 days.
You can find information for my current specials on my blog or my facebook page,www.facebook.com/entouragenailsalon  as soon as they are posted.  
Only 26 days until Christmas to shop---- and ---- take care of your nails and toes! Hope to have those specials posted for everyone this weekend.
Make your holiday appointment now; and take care of some gifts at the same time by picking up

New Coupon Deal for May 31, 2012

Hello Everyone!
Just an FYI, Living Social Coupons will run again tomorrow, Thursday, May 31, 2012.
Also, if you haven't been in the past few months, please stop by and see the new expansion

We"re Expanding!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are expanding to a double suite, so there will be a bit more room in the Salon.  I will keep you posted of the new services I'm foreseeing to add, as well as the capacity to book additional pedicure and nail services .  I will update as soon as things are more complete and in place. 
Also, for those of you who are new, I do have assistants who handle my phone calls, return calls and making appointments for me.
Thanks to all of you for your business!

Happy Holidays And Happy Nails & Toes!

The Holidays are here! Only 2 weeks away!  My phone is slammed with calls for appointments so I'm asking that you can be patient with me in returning your calls.  I will return your calls as soon as I possibly can.  I am working very hard to get everyone that I can in who needs to get an appointment prior to Christmas. 
I have a waiting list accumulating. There are always customers who have to reschedule for various reasons and, who have to cancel for various reasons, so there's still an opportunity for you to get an appointment before Christmas!

Living Social Campaign Ad #2

The 2nd Living Social Campaign Ad is up and running! I've already seen about 35 of you who purchased these coupons, as well as more coupon holders from the 1st ad campaign.  Coupon Holders from the 1st ad campaign in March are approaching expiration October 1st - I am busy, busy!  The sooner you get your appointments made, the better chance of getting the day and time that suits your needs.  For those of you who hold the 1st coupons from Living Social, please call ahead!

Living Social Purchasers

Just wanted to tell all of the Living Social Coupon Purchasers a HUGE Thank You!
I am enjoying meeting everyone. I appreciate people. I truly enjoy getting to know just a little slice of the women's lives that come in to see me.  Everyone has a story, a need, a purpose.  I learn from everyone that I meet. That's why I enjoy my work.  I am able to learn about the women I provide services to through the nail services that I provide. I enjoy solving the nail problems and needs of the women that I meet.

Moving to New Suite!

Hi Everyone!  Well, I'm Moving My Salon Suite This Weekend (a little earlier than anticipated-I wasn't expecting to move until August of this year).  But.........it's all good and I'm excited!
To my current clients, I hope that you will all like my new private location at Suite #32 inside Salon Boutique Arrowhead.  I have tried to make it, first of all, comfortable and relaxing for everyone, as well as aesthetically pleasing to look at.  Although it won't be completely aesthetically complete on Tuesday, it should be as soon as possible.

LivingSocial.Com Coupon Holders

Hi Everyone! Shellac is definitely all the rage currently.  My Living Social ad sold 206 coupons!! Whoooa - I am so impressed with Living Social.  The best part? I have met so many incredible women!  Thank you, thank you, thank you - to all of you who purchased.  This is truly what it's all about.  Meeting so many women, unique in their own way.  And I have only begun to scratch the surface with the purchasers.  But I WILL get all of your Shellac done for all of you.  I'm grateful for your purchase, excited for you to see the difference in your nails (and help you solve your nail challenges), and so happy to meet each of you!

Let's Talk About Pedicures

So...I want to talk about Pedicures!
I'm interested, and curiouswhat are your opinions, thoughts and expectations in regards to your pedicure services?Were your expectations met for the service you received?
What is most important to you when you get a pedicure?
What are your expectations when you walk out after handing over your hard earned dollars?
What 3 things are most important to you that you look forward to when you get your pedicure?

Entourage Nail Salon New Blog

Hi, and welcome to my new Blog!I'm just getting started with this, and learning just what all a "blog" is.  Not that I haven't heard of or read a blog before, but it's quite different when you are starting your own.
Soooo, since I am a Nail Salon Owner, building my business and clientelle, my blog will definitely be related to nails, nail products, client satisfaction, and the overall nail industry.
So for now, I am signing off.  I'm looking forward to this new idea, and looking forward to my readers and their input as well.
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